Geno Luxury Natural Wool 8″ Foam Core Futon Mattress


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The Luxury All Natural Mattress Futon with Wool is a handcrafted original design, crafted to be an everyday primary sleeping surface that is conducive to deep undisturbed sleep. The core of this futon is a 2 inch sheet of 1.8 lbs/cu. ft. density HR solid foam. Surrounding the core are 4 layers of naturally luxurious cotton batting sandwiched between additional sheets of 1.8 lbs/cu. ft. density solid HR foam. The final layer is high quality wool, which enhances body heat in winter and coolness in summer. These layers produce an ideal balance of support, comfort, and resiliency. All materials are protected by a heavy outer shell featuring double-stitched seams. HR foam breathes quietly. Since about 95% of its cells are open, air is squeezed in and out by body movement, much as you can squeeze water in and out of a sponge. There is no metal to squeak, so the breathing action is completely silent. HR foam insulates all year round. Since urethane foams typically are high-efficiency insulators, an HR foam mattress can maintain warmth in the winter or coolness in the summer. One simply adds or removes bedding for complete comfort. HR foam is non-allergenic. It is both dust and mildew resistant, greatly reducing the potential problems faced by those with allergies. In fact, it’s such an inert material that only a few chemical solvents will affect it at all. Spring mattresses are held together by a system of wire, and even the most “independent coil” innerspring mattresses show more tendency to sag than HR foam. To achieve adequate support, springs must be moderately stiff. And then to be comfortable, the steel must be insulated by padding. This padding won’t stretch much; when a body compresses the coils, the padding pulls down adjoining coils, creating a valley. Many better innerspring mattresses are made with a foam “topper” instead of padding, but then the foam must be supported underneath and covered on top. So the sagging effect can be only partially solved. A lighter person on the other side of the mattress still begins to “roll into the valley.” In HR foam, each tiny cell acts as a spring. And, because the cells are so resilient and so strong, the “valley” effect is limited to only a few inches. The lighter person will hardly know the heavier person is there. And either one can get up or move around without disturbing the other. HR foam doesn’t sag as it supports. We are using an HR foam for this kind of futon mattress, see the properties: Softer and firmer has been impossible up to now. Mattresses made for firm support were harder. Good support meant a surface which felt like a board…or softness meant your top and bottom had to hold up your middle all night. Today, we have a mattress material that is durable, comfortable and highly resilient: HIGH RESILIENCY FOAM. High resiliency is the ability of the foam to bounce back after being compressed. HR foam was designed to push up as your weight pushes down, giving each part of your individual body support. Its surface is soft and supple, almost flowing under your fingertips, providing the luxurious comfort you didn’t think you could get with the firmness you need. Made without chlorofluorocarbons, it is as friendly to the ozone as it is to your body.