Foam 8″ Futon Mattress


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This Foam Woolwrap 8” Futon Mattress Is Capable Of Offering Service As A Bed As Well As A Couch Cushion. This Futon Mattress Is A Union Of Utility And Comfort. The Foam Woolwrap 8” Futon Mattress Is Made From High-Resiliency Foam, Which Makes It Firm And Durable. New Zealand Virgin Wool Is Used To Make The Batting Of This Futon Mattress, And This Gives It Consistency. High-Quality Materials Are Used To Make The Ticking, And This Gives It A Soft And Smooth Texture. Tufting On Its Surface Serves To Make It Sturdy And Uniformly-Dense. This Futon Mattress Can Be Laid On A Futon Frame Or Bi-Fold Platform Quickly And Conveniently. It Can Be Folded In Half For Use A Low Ottoman On The Floor, And Offer Easy-To-Setup Seating Space. It Can Be Easily Folded For Storage. This Futon Is Available In Different Sizes From Which You May Select One In Accordance With Your Needs. This Futon Mattress Is Made In The United States Of America. It Is Easy To Maintain, And This Means That Occasional Dusting Makes It Ready For Use. This Futon Mattress Is Made From Non-Toxic Materials, And This Makes It Safe For Homes With Toddlers And Small Pets.