Bayside 6″ Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress


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The Serta Futons Bayside 6″ Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress is ideal for homes with contemporary or transitional decors. This futon mattress can be used as a full-service bed and as a cushion for your couch. It is a combination of comfort and practicality.

The Bayside 6″ Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress by Serta Futons is made from foam wrapped around cotton, and this makes it soft and comfortable. This futon mattress is available in different sizes from which you may choose one that best suits your needs. A tufted pattern design in a rich off-white shade gives it gorgeous appeal. It can be laid on a futon frame or on the floor. This futon mattress is reversible, and this lets you use either side. A bed sheet and a set of soft pillows can be paired with this mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. This futon mattress rolls up easily for convenient storage.

This futon mattress is made in the United States of America. It is flame retardant and does not promote spread of fire. This futon mattress is non-toxic, which makes it safe for use in homes with toddlers or pets.