All Cotton 4″ Futon Mattress


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The All Cotton 4″ Futon Mattress Can Be Used As A Bed And As A Couch Cushion. This Futon Mattress Is A Wonderful Combination Of Utility And Convenience.The All Cotton 4″ Futon Mattress Is Fabricated From High-Grade Cotton Foam, Which Imparts The Property Of Softness. Joy Cotton Is Used To Make The Batting Of This Futon Mattress, And Serves To Hold The Foam In Tightly. The Tufting Stitched On To The Surface Of This Off-White Futon Mattress Serves To Make It Sturdy. This Plush Futon Mattress Can Be Laid Out On The Floor For Use As A Bed, Or As A Couch Cushion Or As A Bed On A Futon Frame. With Decorative Pillows And Throws It Can Be Used To Create A Divan-Style Seating Area. This Futon Mattress Is Lightweight And Portable, Which Makes It Easy To Move From One Room In Your Home To Another. It Is Available In Different Sizes. This Futon Mattress Folds Quickly For Convenient Storage.This Futon Mattress Is Made In The United States Of America. It Is Easy To Care For, And Requires Occasional Dusting To Be Ready For Reuse.